Performance Assessment

Customized Performance Assessment

A Simple Framework for Assessing the Performance of Wealth Management Business

Our view is that an affirmative answer to each question below would be indicative of good health for your wealth management business:

  • Are you getting operating leverage? Profitability measures are used to identify evidence of economies of scale and operating leverage.
  • Is your firm growing fast enough? Growth rates and organic growth in particular dominate standard industry valuation methodologies.
  • Are clients voting for your business? Sales, relationship expansion, and retention are among the strongest indicators of firm health.
  • Are you effective at turning assets into revenues? Return on asset measures can provide insight into pricing effectiveness, a high potential, efficient growth lever.
  • Are you getting the best out of your people? Staff productivity measures are the metrics that are the most highly correlated with overall firm profitability.
  • Are you investing in resources that will grow your business? Current period investments in staff and technology bode well for future service, sales, and productivity outcomes.

For participants of the study we also offer a report debrief to help better understand the firm’s strengths and areas for additional scrutiny. We also share our observations of industry trends and competitive landscape.

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